Studio Strong

Studio Strong is a website and communication design business, producing works of intelligence and beauty for a wide variety of media, including medium to large scale websites, business-to-business solutions, interactive products and apps.

At Studio Strong, we believe the foundation of great design is a clear understanding of the unique needs of each client. Once these thoughts are captured, a solid strategy can then be developed to transform these desires into a custom-designed solution created specifically for the target audience. Extensive expertise in content development, information architecture, and user experience design, ensure that all of our websites and interactive products are not only a pleasure to look at, but are informative and easy to use.

A variety of design and production services are available through Studio Strong. Laura works with businesses and organizations throughout North America and abroad, so distance is never an obstacle to quality design and a good working relationship.

Laura Strong, PhD

Laura Strong, PhD

As the creative force behind Studio Strong, I bring together a mix of interactive media, graphic design and advertising expertise, with my passion for art, symbolism and mythology, to create websites, interactive media, and products that stand out from the crowd.

An alumni of Art Center College of Design my undergraduate degree specialized in advertising design, graphic design, and illustration, and I have received extensive training in the interactive design field through San Francisco State University's Multimedia Studies Program. I also hold an MA & PhD in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which gives me a unique archetypal insight into the images and stories we create as individuals, groups, and a society.

I have worked as an art director in New York City, as an art director/creative director in the San Francisco and Seattle regions, and have more than twenty years of experience as website designer, interface designer, information architect, and business owner. Throughout my career, I have conceived, designed and produced a wide variety of advertising campaigns and marketing materials for upscale products and services, and have developed numerous websites and promotional materials for businesses and nonprofit organizations. I continue to work with a number of different teams to develop interactive products, software applications, games, and educational media, and am well-known for my ability to organize mountains of information into coherent and interesting websites and products. When I am not at the computer, or brushing up on the latest CSS and html skills, I enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, traveling, and continuously expanding my interests in shamanic and mystical traditions, dreamwork, and the arts.

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